CRM Integration with Website

Often, the primary goal of a website for an organization is to collect the contact information of other organizations or individuals who are interested in the products or services. While having people submit a form to be contacted in the future is functional, it isn’t always the most efficient, especially when the number of leads starts to increase on a daily basis. A Customer Relationship Manager or CRM helps organize and prioritize leads as they come to your website.

When an organization requires a tight integration between their CRM and website, eLink Design has vast experience in integrating a variety of CRM’s with our clients websites. From SalesForce to Zoho, we are able to create and develop a streamlined and tight integration in which leads enter their information into any form on the website and it will be recorded within the CRM. Leads can then be automatically assigned to specific individuals within your organization, depending upon who is best suited to serve that specific lead.

Once leads are within the CRM the tracking of additional purchases or subscriptions by customers through the website can also be tightly integrated with your CRM of choice. Over time, the CRM integration with your website will be able to tell you which leads are most profitable based on the number of interactions salespeople and customer support representatives have had with them when compared to their purchase history.

CRM integration with website


In addition to collecting leads from the website, collecting additional information such as the source of the lead from specific pages, Pay-Per-Click ads, or potentially the search term that a lead found the website from can be tracked within the CRM as well. This information, once collected within the CRM, can allow your organization to have a centralized location where lead acquisition patterns can emerge. The ability to more effectively target potential leads in the most profitable manner based on real data from your existing customers can help to optimize future revenue generation.

It's important the platform be tightly integrated with your CRM. To that end, we can develop the following: 

  • Export all new signups from your website into your CRM as new Leads or Customers. 

  • All subsequent purchases will be exported into CRM and associated with the respective customers. 

  • Cancellations can be exported into your CRM and associated with the respective (former) customers. 

  • Requests for demos or more information from the website can be exported into your CRM as prospective customers.

  • Contacts submitted through Contact form can be exported into your CRM

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CRM Integration With Your Organization's Website