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As your company grows and employees and managers require more capabilities, developing an Intranet where the members of your organization can access internal data can create institutional efficiency. An intranet is a private, password-protected website used internally by organizations to do just that. With an existing WordPress platform, eLink is able to take advantage of the technologies that you and your employees already know how to use to create a WordPress Intranet.

During an initial meeting, we can review your existing workflow process and whatever needs and requirements you have can be described allowing us to jumpstart the process of developing your WordPress Intranet. eLink Design will create an initial proposal to achieve the goals identified in the earlier meeting which will be updated to reflect your exact needs and requirements. Once an agreement has been decided upon, eLink Design will begin developing your intranet in a timely, cost-effective manner. 

Depending on your needs, an Intranet built on WordPress can range from a simple login to an Intranet that is highly complex and customized to your specific industry and individual job functions.

Examples of the features that we can build are the following: 
  • The depiction of a visual dashboard of key company developments, including sales data, customer reports, or specific project milestones
  • An archive of data files used by the company, including Human Resources documents and files
  • An internal company employee directory to record and maintain contact and accomplishment information
  • Internal news about the organization, including policy changes or announcements of new clients
  • Company-wide calendars of upcoming events and activities

By developing an organization’s intranet using WordPress, eLink is able to utilize the same technologies with which your existing website functions. Depending on the size of the intranet and what features and customization is required, such as CRM Integration with your Website, the development of a Software Requirements Specification document before the beginning of the building out of the WordPress Intranet is an efficient starting point.

Custom WordPress Intranet Development for Your Organization's Existing Datasets

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