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Content to Code Ratio

Over the many years of performing SEO and SEO Web Design for our clients, we have derived many formulas for success. One of these formulas is the Content to Code Ratio (CCR). The CCR is the amount of content on a web page in comparison to the amount of code on the page necessary to create the page itself.

More often than not, if JavaScript or Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are involved in the creation of the web page, the code inserted at the top or bottom of the page can be quite lengthy and could lead to the search engine spider having to read more code than necessary. The consequence of the spider reading the code is that there is potential for the actual content to be diminished in terms of its value in the eyes of search engine rankings; as the content itself is what’s there to be indexed and read by visitors to the website, we eliminate unnecessary programming, thus reducing the CCR.

The results can be quite significant. Take an example of two separate web pages: one is optimized using our SEO Web Design techniques, and the other has no on page optimization. In most cases the optimized page will have at least 50-100 lines less programming code in its source than the one that was not optimized. The extra 50-100 lines will be read by the spider, and even though the content visible to visitors reads exactly the same, the content on the non-optimized page will be diluted in terms of the percentage of overall source code it represents when compared to the optimized page. Keep in mind that we can’t simply erase the JavaScript and the CSS; we do include them in the code, but without the excessive or unnecessary code a web design firm may program out of convenience or simply a lack of understanding of search engine optimization services.

This formula is just one of many that we apply when performing SEO Web Design for our clients’ websites.

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