Software-as-a-Service Platform Development

Software-As-A-Service or SaaS businesses have become one of the hottest industries over the past decade as the tech world continues to surpass incumbent businesses which fail to adapt to the software revolution. SaaS businesses work by charging customers a subscription fee for access to a platform where the business's service is provided. Examples of different SaaS companies include Adobe, Salesforce, Slack, and Office 365, among others. 

PhishingBox is a cyber-security platform developed by eLink for a client in 2014 which has grown considerably since its acquisition by our company in 2016. Subscribing  customers are able to test their employees or clients by sending phishing emails which allow them to see who within an organization is vulnerable to bad actors. Once vulnerable employees have been identified as having failed the testing, they can be sent training from the platform which will show employees illustrative examples of phishing emails and how to recognize them in the future

eLink Design was selected to originally build the PhishingBox platform based upon our experience in creating Software-as-a-Service platforms for clients. How we design and develop each SaaS platform enables clients to grow and scale while providing ongoing support and updates as the business requirements evolve to fit the use case of the customer.  

Sotware as a service development

How eLink Design can help you develop your Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform:

  • Business Case Understanding

  • Branding and Graphics

  • User Interface Design

  • Platform Development

  • Ongoing Support

  • Feature Updates


The primary aspect of any Software-as-a-Service platform is to be able to charge customers for access to the platform on an ongoing basis. Whether billing is based on seats, usage amounts, charged monthly, quarterly, or annually, automatic billing and the integration into accounting software such as QuickBooks is vital in order to have a successful and scalable SaaS platform. At eLink Design, we are able to create the best custom solution for your billing requirements and consult on alternative billing methods from our experience in building other platforms and running PhishingBox, our own cyber-security SaaS platform. 

In order to justify charging customers, the platform must offer customers a service which is of value to the end user. SaaS businesses can be in any industry from Cybersecurity to Zoo management systems or Email marketing platforms to Retirement planning software. The range of possibilities is only limited by a clients imagination and understanding of a particular industry.

The end user of these types of platforms range from individual consumers to large multi-billion dollar enterprises. What is important when building a SaaS platform is focusing on the end user and the purchaser of the software and creating the features and requirements that are expected by each user type. Designing for Fortune 500 companies requires multi-factor authentication with administrators, end users, and LDAP integration while small businesses or individual users might require a very easy-to-use interface and one click file uploads. With our experience designing for both Fortune 500’s and SMB’s, eLink is able and eager to create the best platform for your end user. 

Acquiring and tracking your potential, existing, and past customers can help you better target and optimize your customer acquisition process. An integration with your Customer Service Manager or CRM can help connect your backend user database with your marketing and sales efforts. From SalesForce to Zoho, we are able to integrate your SaaS platform with a variety of CRM’s to optimize your business.

The potential need to create integrations from your platform to various 3rd party API’s, such as Twilio or Stripe, is likely when developing a SaaS platform. Instead of building every feature from the ground up, relying on established and fully featured 3rd parties to provide messaging or billing services, and simply connecting them to your Software-as-a-Service platform can help expedite the development process and lower costs. Additionally, future or current customers might request custom integrations with their own Learning Management Systems (LMS’s), Intranets, or email providers. The ability to provide that integration service can add significant value to your platform for potential customers.

eLink is more than ready and capable to help you begin your journey to develop the platform for your Software-as-a-Service business. Platforms we have developed have successfully generated millions of dollars in revenue and provided services for millions of users around the world. Let us be your development partner and help you turn your vision for a fully featured SaaS platform into a reality.

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