Equine Member Management Software

Equine Member Management Software allows organizations within the Equine industry the ability to collect recurring revenue from members for a variety of services. Document sharing, on demand messaging, training videos, or video-based consulting calls can all be part of a fully featured platform to provide unique and valuable services to the Equine industry. Equine Member Management Software businesses can include anything from a variety of associations which collect dues to consultants who provide a way to share health documents or training videos to be reviewed.

Equine Member Management Software


eLink Design has developed a wide range of software for Equine businesses where they are able to have customized member management software for their customers. We have gained significant experience in creating unique solutions for our clients who are searching for a platform for their Equine Member Management business. 

Types of Content which Equine Member Management Software can be used for:

  • Training Videos

  • Medical Records

  • Associations

  • Consultants


eLink is able to integrate a variety of payment providers in order to be able to enable Equine Member Management Software with the ability to charge members for access to the platform on an ongoing basis. We often suggest that, due to their wide range of capabilities and ease of use and customization, our clients go with Stripe, but are able to integrate with any number of payment providers. Depending on your business use case and operations, billing can be set up to occur on practically any schedule from individual service based to time based, including monthly, quarterly, or annual payment periods. The integration into accounting software such as QuickBooks  combined with automatic billing enables you to run your Equine Member Management Software in a streamlined and easy to use manner for both you and your members. 

One of the most common requests that we receive is to build a way for file sharing between your businesses and your customers. Your customers might have to send documents or videos for review or signature depending on the purpose of the platform. Regardless of the purpose of your Equine Member Management Software, eLink is well equipped to develop a platform to fit your unique needs and requirements.

Another common request from our Equine clients for whom we develop Member Management Software for is a method of communication on the platform in order to interact with their customers. Depending on if the communication is a chat-like interface where new messages send email notifications to both parties, more of an email like messaging interface, or a help desk integration, we have experience in developing an intuitive workflow that is best suited to you and your customers needs.

eLink is excited to work for you in developing custom Equine Member Management Software to help you expand your business and serve new clients with a user friendly platform. We have developed unique solutions for a variety of Equine customers who have generated millions of dollars in revenue. Let us be your development partner and help you move your concept for fully featured Equine Member Management Software from the ideation stage into a fully functioning platform.

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