Search Engine Submission

There is a debate over whether Google and other search engines want you to submit your site or whether they would rather find it on their own. Our official take on this debate is that if you have made a change on your website, it doesn’t hurt to let the search engines know that something has changed. Because we contend that search engines prefer fresh content, it might be the difference between ranking number 6 or number 4 for a specific search. However, if there hasn’t been a change in the site, we recommend not submitting. After all, stale content (in theory) is just as negative as fresh content is positive.

With a comprehensive ongoing SEO plan, we take care of all search engine submissions for you. You need not worry about whether your site has been submitted. We do not use any automated programs (generally frowned upon), as we submit each and every page manually. While time consuming, we feel it is well worth the time to make sure that you get as much credit as possible in the eyes of the search engines.

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