Analytical Reporting

Have you created a website and want to know what is going on when people come to your site? This is called analytics. At eLink Design we prefer Google Analytics over other analytical programs. It is free and provides a plethora of statistics about all types of traffic dimensions throughout your website. For example, you can tell how many visitors came to your site in a given time frame, what pages they visited, where they came into your site, where they exited your site, whether or not they made a purchase, etc.

Of course, this information is priceless for companies who are actively pursuing new sales or new leads that are generated from their website. After all, we are in the information age! The more you know about your customers, the better you can serve their needs. For example, let’s say that you are planning to invest in advertising using Google Adwords. Besides knowing general terms that people use to find your site, you would be able to track the keywords used when someone completed a purchase. This would give you an advantage in knowing where to spend your money, rather than just starting from scratch.

There are numerous examples of how we have used analytics software to help our clients. In some cases, we have detected potential click fraud by comparing our Google Analytics data with the Pay-Per-Click company that was working for one of our clients. This ability to counter the Pay-Per-Click company’s numbers with our own saved our client thousands of dollars. Another example occurred during the redesign of a customer’s website. The customer wanted to design the site at 800x600 pixels, however, we were able to convince them to go with a larger format of 1024x768, due to the fact that 93% of their customers viewed their site on that format or larger. This gave them more real estate to play with when creating their site, which enabled them to place more products "above the fold” on their sub category pages, therefore giving them greater potential for sales.

Analytical programs are vital to any company who plans on marketing to the general public. They provide data that is impossible to gather on your own and make knowing your customers that much easier, which enables you, in turn, to provide what they need.

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