Media Buying


Why have media professionals compare and evaluate all of your options, when it comes to media buying? eLink Communications, which is located inside eLink Design, has team members with over 75 years of media buying expertise.

eLink identifies the target market you want to reach. We create a profile of the consumer you are trying to reach, which identifies the best venue in which to place media.

eLink researches your target market. We identify where you will find your target market, as well as other demographics that assist us in selecting the right media buy, whether it’s online, on television, in magazines, in newspaper or other media venues. It's critically important to understand the consumer behavior of your target market.

eLink sets objectives. When we set the marketing objectives that you want to achieve with your target market, we can truly begin to create the most effective media plan.

eLink defines and plans out the best strategy for your business. We identify your target market, coupled with research, and we establish the proper media objectives. Based on your budget, we will determine where best to allocate those dollars, strategically crafting the most effective media plan for your business.

The whole objective of effective media buying is to get you the absolute largest return for the dollars being spent, reaching the largest number of prospects. The eLink team has been involved with the purchase of over $175 million dollars of media buys. We know how to reach target audiences in the most cost-effective ways possible.

In regard to compensation for media buying, eLink receives commission for our services, which we receive from the media outlets. This commission is deducted from, not added to, the gross advertising dollars being spent on any given media buy.

Put eLink Communications to work for your business when it comes to media buying.