Email Marketing


Many consumers prefer emails as a primary means of communication regarding sales and promotions. Companies that understand customer expectations and use e-mail marketing to engage recipients will see fantastic results. When managed properly, e-mail marketing is a very effective promotional and communication tool that all businesses should consider.

We provide the following e-mail marketing services:

  • Account Set Up
  • Branded Design
  • Opt-In List Generation
  • Website Integration
  • Analytical reporting


Account Set Up

When choosing an e-mail marketing vendor, it is important to identify a robust platform that will allow you to easily generate e-mail messages and track performance. We use MailChimp,a leading e-mail marketing platform, to manage campaigns for our clients.

Branded Design

When designing e-mail marketing templates, you must carry over branding elements from your website and your overall company branding to immediately connect your e-mail messages to your company brand. You may also need to design campaign specific e-mails that may be more advanced. We also specialize in custom graphic design for heavy promotional e-mail campaigns.

Opt-In List Generation

These days, it is vital and necessary to clearly communicate the purposes and benefits of your e-mail messaging to your customers. Due to regulations, you must give people the option to opt in or sign up for your e-mail list and not simply sign up a random list of email addresses. Spamming is no longer tolerated by if you do not comply with the U.S. CAN-SPAM Act, you may be held liable for sending spam and face potential fines.

Website Integration

Your website should be the main place that you collect email addresses. In fact, email list sign ups should be a major call-to-action of your website. We integrate your website with MailChimp to seemlessly grow your e-mail list without having to manually enter each e-mail.

Analytical Reporting

Analytical reporting gives you the ability to track and analyze e-mail marketing performance. Similar to website analytics, you need to know how many people are opening, clicking, unsubscribing and sharing your e-mails. Many companies can measure the impact of an email campaign on immediate and long-term sales. Results are worth tracking.

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