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For Startups to Established Companies, knowing which steps to take in order to move their business to the next level can be like hacking through a vine covered jungle with no map. With our experience growing Phishingbox, a Cybersecurity Software-as-a-Service (SAAS) company, we are uniquely positioned to help in a consultative “boots-on-the-ground” way. Rather than creating reports that no one will read or calling for downsizing to minimize costs, eLink can work with you, on site, to help set a strategic direction, prioritize initiatives, and set deadlines to help you reach your organization’s goals.

Business Plans

Whether you are a single person with an idea or an existing organization looking to launch a new line of business, a Business Plan can help create a detailed path of how to get from idea to reality. Having worked with hundreds of businesses and startups, as well as managing a fast growing cybersecurity startup, eLink Design has gained significant knowledge in what to include when writing a business plan. When writing a business plan, we have found that providing detailed actionable insights creates the most value for a company moving forward compared to a more generalized approach. In order to provide real value, we put together detailed revenue and cost projections as well as look into: who you need to hire, where you need to market, and how you have to budget in order to best position yourself for a successful launch.

Marketing Plans

Marketing plans have become the groundwork for how you are going to sell your product. Failing to plan is planning to fail. A marketing plan is an essential part of any business. 89% of small business owners consider marketing their first or second priority, yet 74% do not have a marketing plan. At eLink Design, we believe there are 5 tools to keep your company on course. You must first set goals, then develop SWOT analysis which includes: strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats; know your entire competition; maintain consistent branding; and utilize your communication vehicles. This plan can become the map to success for your company. You must understand your customers and know what you want to accomplish in your business before beginning to write out your plan. Specificity is important from the beginning in order to be successful in completing your marketing plan. When creating this plan think about potential problem spots along the way and areas where you definitely think you will succeed. Once the marketing plan is in place, you can use it as a reference point to keep your company on track towards its goals.


eLink Ventures, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of eLink Design, makes venture capital and service-based investments into forward-thinking companies, including web-based applications in B2B or B2C environments. Following an initial consultation and execution of a mutual non-disclosure agreement, we will conduct a formal evaluation of your aspirations, business plan, strategy, existing operations (if applicable) and capital requirements. Once an investment decision is conditionally approved by our investment team, we will allocate a target range of services and/or capital that we will contribute in exchange for a determined percentage of equity and/or revenue sharing in your venture.

What does this mean for your business? With a strong plan and the commitment to see it through, you can have your website or software developed, marketed and hosted without the significant cash outlay that may pose a challenge. It also means you will have a long-term marketing and technology partner well after the launch of your project. Most importantly, it means you will get the cutting edge Web Design, Application Development, and Search Engine Optimization Services of eLink Design.

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